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Casa Feronia
Casa Feronia
Casa Feronia
Casa Feronia
Casa Feronia Balkondan Manzara - View From Balcony
Casa Feronia Ön Veranda - Front Porch
Casa Feronia Yan Veranda - Side Porch
Casa Feronia Oturma Odası - Living Room
Casa Feronia Amerikan Mutfak - American Open Kitchen

A Unique Stone House to Live 4 Seasons

The name Casa Feronia is inspired from “Feronia” who is the “Goddess of Forests and Fountains” in Roman mythology.

Casa Feronia is located in Orhaniye village of Marmaris town which is in the borders of Muğla city in Republic of Turkey.

Most of Mugla is a part of Aegean Region and its small part enters in Mediterranean Region.

Settled on grassy plains of  Bybassios ancient city with a history going back to B.C. 3000 and being a natural protected area,

Orhaniye is a beautiful, small Aegean village with a nice sea-coast.

Spreading on a 1500 square meter  land, Casa Feronia is a unique stone house

surrounded by grand mountains, trees of emerald green and a tiny flowing river just like a piece of heaven on earth.

We like to invite you for an unforgettable holiday,

where you may enjoy for “4 seasons” all the enchanting beauties of nature with peace of mind and feel like home…


  • Casa Feronia is 121 km away from Dalaman Airport and 25 km away from Marmaris.
  • Situated at sea level, Casa Feronia is about 1500 meter away from the sea and beach which is around a 15-minute walk and just a 5 minute drive way.


  • A two storey house with internal usage area of 170 m², Casa Feronia has 4 bedrooms; 2 with french bed and 2 with single bed offering 6 guests to stay together at the same time. 
  • We offer Casa Feronia as a house and do not rent the rooms separetely. You may enjoy a group of 6 friends or happy family holiday gatherings at Casa Feronia.
  •  At upper storey, we have 3 bedrooms (2 french beds + 1 single bed) and a sharing bathroom with bath. At first storey, we have 1 single bedroom and a bathroom with walk-in shower.
  • All bedrooms have air conditioning.
  • Guests may enjoy swimming in 1.65 m deep mosaic-tiled swimming pool, having sun at teak tree sunbeds, resting at wooden sunshade or outdoor divan (traditional Turkish resting bed).
  • Our spacious two-sided porch has a dinner table for 6 people on the front porch and a round table for 4 people at side porch.
  • You may enjoy cooking at our American style open kitchen with all related small household and kitchen appliances.
  • Making great grills can be fun at our stone barbeque in front porch. With its long chimney, you may enjoy grilling without negative effects of smoke.
  • We serve house owner Ms. Nur’s delicious cooking of Aegean and Mediterrean cuisine, village breakfast and mezze alternatives for special requests dependig on availability.
  • There is a satellite TV at our living room, unlimited wi-fi internet at the porch and swimming pool area.
  • We have baby  highchair (feeding chair) and a crib in our house.


A Unique House To Live 4 Seasons

  • All the interior decorational materials of  parquet flooring, doors and windows are natural wood.
  • All the timbers used are specially brought from Russia.
  • Double glazing windows offer effective thermal insulation.
  • With its solid construction and long term invested building materials, Casa Feronia is a special house easily to be lived for 4 seasons. We have aqua – system fireplace and radiators for the comfort of our guests staying in winter season at Casa Feronia.
  • Thanks to aqua- system, at winter time when the fireplace is lighted, the water heat of the radiators are enhanced as well.
  • The solar-powered panel system at the roof supports water and heating facilities to create environmental friendly energy.
  • There is a grocery shop 5 minutes drive way to home and they have home delivery. Every Saturday at sea side, Orhaniye village market is settled.
  • The decorational items and seating groups of Casa Feronia belong to house owner Akkor family and brought from İstanbul. Selected items like gramaphone radio inherited from grandparents of family with nearly 100 years old are used for interior decoration.
  • With an attempt to promote the rugs (kilims), wool knitting and local cloths hand made by women from near villages, we use many locally produced decorational items.


Our Garden

  • We grow many different kinds of fruits and vegetables at Casa Feronia’s field garden including summer vegetables like tomato, pepper, parshley, arugula, dill, fresh onion and garlic, broad bean, eggplant, melon and winter vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, radish, chard, cress.
  • We have flower trees of jasmin, oleander, rose and fruit trees of olive, orange, tangerine, lemon, pomegranate, avocado, wallnut, banana, apple, plum,   pear, apricot, peach.
  • We use our garden’s thriving crop of organic products for our cooking.


Swimming Pool

  • Our 1.65 m deep mermaid mosaic-tiled pool is cleaned with a special chlorine pool system. You may enjoy swimming, having sun on teak tree sunbeds, rest at wooden sunshade or divan ((traditional Turkish resting bed).


Original Stone House Architecture

  • Casa Feronia’s architecture has been inspired by surrounding nature and near villages, each particular stone of the house was shaped by hand and used in construction by a local stone craftman Ali Usta. Unfortunatelly Ali Usta passed away and our house is the last work of art he completed.
  • Thanks to thickness of the stones used in construction, an average of 50 cm thickness of house wall has been formed.
  • Our house  has been built on earthquake-resistant radial building foundation supported with  bearing  concrete steel columns.
  • Casa Feronia’s land is protected with high stone walls, the night lighting of walls and pool adds color to your evenings.


 Offering a genuine comfort of a two storey unique stone house at a heavenly natural environment,

we believe our guests will have an unforgettable holiday with peace of mind in our house.

Because we builded our house with natural materials of best quality for our own comfort only to make our guests feel like home.

We wish to see you at Casa Feronia soon.


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