House Owners

Akkor family of Istanbul has come to Orhaniye, a charming Aegean village by the sea, with the dream of living a serene life in the nature, escaping the city’s population approaching 15 millions and hasty life at certain times of the year.

For Akkor family, Casa Feronia is the story of “a dream of life” becoming reality in nearly 5 years with great efforts and sacrifices…



Nur Özübek (Akkor)

Nur Özübek is the main house owner working the hardest and making great efforts in dealing with each phase of the tough and long process beginning with buying the land of Casa Feronia until the completion of the construction. The delicious food of housewife Ms. Nur, who loves to cook traditional Turkish cuisine dishes and Aegean – Mediterranean snacks and appetizers is famous among family and friends. Ms. Nur has a special interest in gardening and there are several types of trees ranging from olive trees to avocado trees in the small field and garden of Casa Feronia. All summer and winter fruits, vegetables and herbs are organically cultivated in the field without using any pesticides. Ms. Nur’s son Fahir and daughter-in-law Sedef always support her in every way.


F.Sedef Sapanlı Akkor

Sedef has received her master’s degree in the field of Integrated Marketing Communications at University of Westmenister, London, after graduating from the department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling at Boğaziçi University.

Being in the marketing sector for longer than 15 years, Sedef is currently working as a project-based consultant in one the leading event marketing companies of Turkey and also managing the advertising & marketing activities of Casa Feronia.

Sedef is a former sailor who loves travelling the world and knowing new cultures. She has started a whole new life with the addition of their sweet daughter Defne to their family in 2014.


Fahir Akkor

Fahir Akkor, after graduating from Austrian High School and the department of Business Administration (English) at Marmara University, got a start in business in the logistics sector. Building a career in the logistics sector for longer than 15 years and working in various places abroad, Fahir is currently working in Dubai. Fahir is a former basketball player and keeps watching all games of the sports team Galatasaray in different branches like football, basketball and volleyball since he was a kid. He also loves bicycling with his wife and daughter.



Our first dog, dear girl, sweetest Cano has unfortunately passed away too soon…

We will always remember Cano with her innocent eyes and tender gazes…



Our new dog, handsome boy Jumbo is the cutest boxer mix breed.

Like all boxer dogs, Jumbo fits the definition “the most handsome ugly dog”.

Being a very well mannered and loyal dog, Jumbo knows no revenge. He is also easily trained and gets along very well with kids.

Jumbo’s house is in the back yard of Casa Feronia.

As he does not bark without a cause, he will not disturb our guests.



The ladycat of our house, Minnoş (meaning “little darling” in Turkish), lives in the small house where Ms. Nur stays on the side of Casa Feronia. Don’t be fooled by her name, she may have sudden moments of naughty attacks you would not expect from that cute little face and innocent green eyes 🙂

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