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House Owners

Coming from Istanbul, a mega city with over 13 million population,

Akkor family found a way to escape to nature and seaside by partly settling to small and nice Aegean village Orhaniye.

Casa Feronia is Akkor family’s “life dream coming true” with more than 5 years of dedicated effort and sacrifice…

Nur Özübek (Akkor)

Most of the heavy effort during the construction belongs to Ms. Nur. She dealt one to one with all the workers and suppliers for more than 5 years.

Ms. Nur is a very good house wife and a great cook, she is well known for cooking traditional Turkish,  Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines and mezzes.

Thanks to her special interest in gardening, Casa Feronia’s small field garden has different kinds of trees from olive to avocado.

Most of summer and winter vegetables & fruits are grown organically without any pesticides.

Ms. Nur’s son Fahir and daughter-in-law Sedef always support her.

Fahir Akkor

After graduating from Austrian High School and Marmara University English Business Administration,

Fahir Akkor started his career in logistics sector. More than 15 years, he has been working in logistics and now he continues his career in Dubai.

Being an old basketball player, he follows Galatasaray’s games in different sports branches such as football, basketball and volleyball.

 Spending most of his savings on Casa Feronia, Fahir continues to work for making Casa Feronia his dream house.

Having great time riding bicycle with his wife, Fahir continues cycling in Dubai.

F.Sedef Sapanlı Akkor

After graduating from Bogazici University Guidance and Psychological Counseling,

Sedef completed Integrated Marketing Communications masters degree in University of Westminster, London.

Working in marketing more than 13 years, Sedef continues her career in a leading event marketing agency in Turkey

and manages advertising & marketing of Casa Feronia. Being an old sailor and like to get know different cultures by travelling,

Sedef is also interested in universal energy and wishes to organize Ashtanga yoga workshops in Casa Feronia.


Our sweetest baby girl, a German Shepherd, Cano was unfortunately passed away very soon.

We will remember Cano with her innocent eyes and sweet looks…


Our new young and handsome boy Jumbo is a hybrid breed of boxer.

Like all boxer breed dogs, Jumbo is fitting the definition of “the best looking ugly dog”.

With very good habits and being a loyal dog, Jumbo does not have any feelings of revenge, he is very good with kids and easily trained.

Jumbo’s box is at the back garden of Casa Feronia. As he  does not bark without a good reason,  our guests will not be disturbed.


Our lady cat Minnoş (meaning “little darling” in Turkish) lives at the small lodge of Ms. Nur.

Do not mistaken to her pretty name, she might have naughty attacks under those innocent green eyes ;)

Also do not surprise if you see her on the roofs, she loves to have some fresh air at top…

As Minnoş does not stay at Casa Feronia, she will not disturb our guests.

Like in their private and work lives, Akkor family considered to add environmental friendly building attributes in Casa Feronia.

They join and give volunteer support for social activities organized in Orhaniye and around to protect nature and environment.

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