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We have worked with very valued workers, craftsmen and suppliers since September 3rd, 2008 when we laid the first foundation of Casa Feronia.

With their valuable supports, we turned our life dream house into reality.

We appreciate their efforts and  would like to thank to all our contributors,

who thought of every detail to build Casa Feronia environmental friendly and compatible with nature.

Also, we thank to all our friends for sharing their valuable ideas regarding our website.

 -Stone Craftsman, Ali Erkocak;

Casa Feronia’s architecture has been inspired by surrounding nature and near villages, each particular stone of the house was shaped by hand and used in construction by a local stone craftman Ali Usta. Unfortunatelly Ali Usta passed away in 2011 by an accident and our house is the last work of art he completed. He was a very hard working craftsman. May God rest his soul in peace. We know that his son continues his craftsmanship.


-Building Foundation Mould and Basement Work, Mustafa Usta;

Mustafa Usta did the base construction of the house and swimming pool mould, building radia foundations at most firm and durable conditions.


-Simge Teknik Ticaret (Simge Trade Co.), Özer Çelik;

Mr. Özer Çelik accomplished all the successful installments of the water and electric systems of the house + swimming pool + solar panel systems. We still continue our long term co-operation with Mr. Çelik and he is responsible for all the maintenance work of Casa Feronia.

Özer Çelik contact:


-Photography, Sevda Kaplan;

The breathtaking photographs of our house and Orhaniye are taken by professional photographer Ms. Sevda Kaplan. We appreciate her talent and share our gratitude to her as she allocated time for us in her busy work schedule. Sevda Kaplan is the co-founder of Studio Troyka.

Sevda Kaplan contact:


-Website Design, Mete Eraydın;

Casa Feronia logo ve website design was done by Art Director & Illustrator Mete Eraydın.

Mete Eraydın contact:


-Website Software, Tufan Kılıçaslan;

We appreciate all the valuable efforts of software designer Mr. Tufan Kılıçarslan for realizing his creative software solutions.

Tufan Kılıçaslan contact:


- Online Brochure Design, Ergin Emir;

We thank very much to Art Director Ergin Emir for his creative designs regarding our online brochure.

Ergin Emir contact:


Special Thanks;

We like to share our special thanks to Ms. Fulya Us for her valuable contributions regarding visual designs, to Ms. Feza Demiray for her valuable contributions in German translation, and again worth to mention our last but not least special thanks to photographer Sevda Kaplan and Art Director Ergin Emir.


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