Gökova, Azmak & Akyaka


When you are on your way to Akyaka that is 60 km north of Orhaniye, be prepared to see a road accompanied by views of Paradise…


In addition to its natural beauties, Akyaka will enchant you with its historic fabric displaying signs of various civilizations living in South Western Anatolia for thousands of years, its intrinsic architecture, and its warm breeze constantly blowing from the sea…

You can spend a pleasant day Akyaka’s clean beach with the finest sand and swim in the Blue Flag awarded sea.

Azmak (Kadın Azmağı) & Azmak Daily Boat;
One of the beauties of Azmak is the Azmak (meaning ‘running wild’) stream, which is also named Kadın Azmağı (women’s azmak). The water of Azmak is very clear, pure, lucid, continuously flowing and rich in minerals. It is formed by many springs and joins the sea in Akyaka.

Azmak, which flows into the Gulf of Gökova streaming through trees and reeds right next to Akyaka is almost like a natural aquarium.

In Akyaka, you can do all types of water sports and forest trekking or rock climbing embracing history and nature. When cycling around, you can experience the adrenaline inducing magic of paragliding on Sakar Hill.

Each of the Akyaka houses that stand out with their architectural features has a garden more charming than the other. These lovely houses surrounded by bougainvilleas are adorned with woodcarvings like lace. The architectural style of Akyaka houses belongs to artist Nail Çakırhan from Ula.

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