Köyceğiz & Oriental Sweetgum Forests, Kaunos Ancient City


Köyceğiz, situated approximately 88 km north of Orhaniye, is established on the plain on the side of the nearby lake.

Mullet fish is produced in Lake Köyceğiz and Dalyan Strait that connects the lake to the sea.

Since Lake Köyceğiz is always calm, it is possible to do water skiing and non-powered water sports there for 8 months of the year.

Endemic Oriental Sweetgum Forests
Oriental sweetgum trees grow only in certain regions of Anatolia, namely Marmaris, Köyceğiz, Fethiye and Milas, in the world, wildly in pure form or by forming mixed forests with different trees. This relict endemic tree species constitute a very prominent forest ecosystem in the region with their roots dating back to the geological era of 65 million years before.

Köyceğiz has an approximately 1,000-hectare oriental sweetgum tree cultivated area and also a Municipality Camping Site covered with Oriental Sweetgum trees on a 50-acre wide land.

Yayla Village and Gökçeova on its north are highly popular with safari tourism.
In Çandır Village’s Horozlar area there are mud baths.
The villagers also organize an enjoyable village tour by tractor for tourists in Çandır Village.

Kaunos ancient city, which is located on the shore of Dalyan Strait that connects Lake Köyceğiz to the Mediterranean Sea starts from the north of the harbor and ends at the rocks up on Dalyan village.

In the town center there is Kaunos Lion Statue, the historical symbol of Köyceğiz.

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